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Bespoke Staircases

Based in High Wycombe, Raymond Good (Joiners) Ltd offer beautifully crafted bespoke staircases.

A staircase is a piece of furniture in its own right, often the very first thing visitors see when they walk through your door. When beautifully created and crafted, a staircase makes an immediate and positive statement.

Types of staircases

Outstanding customer service

Each staircase is as individual as the customer and the house for which it is made, but every Raymond Good staircase is the same in one important respect – it is guaranteed to be of the highest quality, manufactured with craftsmanship backed up by technical expertise.

Our outstanding customer service begins with a consultation on the design of the staircase, and the space it will occupy. There are so many different styles to choose from and we are here to help you to look at every option. A visit to our workshop allows you access to a wide range of samples in our showroom where you can compare designs, materials and finishes.


We fully comply with the latest building regulations. We prepare stair drawings to fit exact dimensions with 3D computerized models so that you can see exactly what your staircase would look like with your chosen materials, configuration and design.


Our specialist technical background, experience manufacturing different types of staircases and fitting them in many different spaces, means that we can offer you the best possible advice.

  • Straight

  • Curved

  • Helical

  • Internal

  • External

  • Spiral

  • Angled

  • Closed string

  • Cut string

  • Open tread

  • Space saver

  • It may be crafted in timber, or created in glass and steel.


Bespoke Joinery

Raymond Good (Joiners) Ltd offers a bespoke joinery service, for those occasions when standard joinery is not suitable to your requirements.


We invest time and care into each piece, to guarantee our customers the highest possible level of quality, detail and finish.


Our master joiners love to work with the warmth, natural sheen and durability of wood. They, and the clients who commission the work, gain great satisfaction from knowing that these beautiful ‘one-off’ pieces will last for generations to come.


Our work to date includes church pews, tables, gates, beds, cabinets, kitchens, panelling, mouldings and so much more.


The only limit is your imagination. Contact the team for more information.

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