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Composite windows and doors

Do you love the look of timber windows, but wish to avoid the maintenance? With the traditional aesthetics of timber and the modern low maintenance of uPVC, the composite window could be the answer. Raymond Good (Joiners) Ltd in High Wycombe offers a great range of composite windows and doors to enhance to look of your property.

A range of finishes

High quality - low maintenance

Our very attractive and highly durable composite doors are manufactured from your choice of composite slab – there are a variety of both design and colour finishes to choose from – fitted within a high quality uPVC frame.

  • White Woodgrain

  • Rosewood

  • Golden Oak

  • Cream White

  • Chartwell Green

  • Black Ash

Our composite frames are made of uPVC, encased in a recently patented aluminium foil wrap. The wrap has a wood grain texture, forming the base for a wide range of paint effects.


The window frames are manufactured with an innovative sash corner jointing system, which exactly replicates the look of timber. Yet the windows have the same low maintenance levels as your standard uPVC window.

Take a look at some of the composite frames we have installed or click here to find out more about timber windows and frames.

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Timber look with the low maintenance of uPVC

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